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Α modern architecture building

Swell Boutique Hotel, is neither traditional nor preserved. It is a modern architecture building that respected the landscape and location of the area. Maintain at the same time aimed at modesty and the quality upgrade of its architectural aesthetics coastal avenue of Rethymnon.

The wavy roof of the rooftop balcony as well as the wavy section of balconies on the east side (corner) of the building reach the connection of architecture with the sea wave popping a few meters away the entrance of the hotel. That's how respecting the site space came about and the selected name of the SWELL building which means light ripple as well the design of the logo.

To adapt to the requirements of a boutique hotel we chose the decoration so as to connect directly with comfort, using the best items and materials (tiles, wooden floors, sanitary ware, mattresses, fabrics, etc.) both in the rooms as well as in our common areas.

This decorative mix is ​​spread in our common areas with a presence and a combination of renaissance and modern Greek paintings, carved renaissance objects, Cretan traditional furniture and tools and modern decorative objects and lighting fixtures. "Nereas" restaurant of our hotel bases its raw material on a large percentage in locally produced and certified organic products on the farm of the owner Manolis Iliakis. Fresh organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs, dairy products, olives and olive oil grown and produced at "Nereas Farm". A farm of the owner,  where meat, seafood and honey are used to prepare dishes with knowledge, enthusiasm and special care, creating a creative continuation of the Cretan tradition and culture. Also the guests of our hotel have the opportunity to visit the farm and see up close the promotion and the animals. The inexhaustible creativity of the owners, with relevant studies abroad (father and son), the high aesthetics, the guarantee of the quality of the materials in the rooms, but above all the respect for human needs, they managed to bring Swell last 5 years in the first places of customer preference (Gold & Silver Awards)

Trying to marry the historical Cretan element with the modern but also give a touch of art hotel to our decoration, we created 7 different ones types of rooms with a different style and atmosphere in each of them. The spaces acquire a character of relaxation, combining the local traditional element with the modern with furniture of simple design line functional and innovative as well as with the welcome table which is all 24 pieces full of Cretan and not only goodies (kalitsouni, Sfakian pies, green pies, cinnamon and soumada)

Very important for a Boutique Hotel are the staff uniforms of the departments. We tried to achieve the right result that does not & quot; shout & quot; visually, to is modest and austere as befits a hotel across the sea which however is located in the city at the same time and at the same time thank the employee allowing him to move comfortably and discreetly. The combination of colours of uniforms, walks parallel to the colours that emerge from the space of each section and the quality of fabrics with designs and accessories, making up the basic rules for their selection as a whole.

The design of our logo was inspired by the symbol of the Minoan amphora. The choice of shape and colours are aimed at connecting it with architecture of the facade and the wavy shapes of the building as well as its ripple of the sea.


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